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Grassroots Gossip

Stephen Danley breaks down Renardo Sidney's game and analyzes the hype's role in the AAU star making system.

Rod Harrington explores what really went down during the summer.

Here's an update on the goings-on with top recruits in the AAU world.

You know how to play D-1 basketball even though you weren't recruited AT ALL in high school? Walt Harris can tell you how.

Another look into the shadier side of AAU summer basketball. Man, almost feel kinda sorry for the college coaches, lol.

An in-depth look and interview with AAU godfather Boo Williams.

You're Going to Play Division 1 Basketball?

This past weekend, I got a chance to check out a local (Sacramento, CA) tournament. I had a cousin that I hadn't seen for over a year playing in the tournament. So I hop in the car, empty my life savings into the gas tank, and head up Interstate 80. I get to the gym, and to my surprise, there were some really tall kids in the house. They're all playing on my cousin's team, and he tells me one who they are. The 6'10" kid, Terrence Jennings had a big summer and committed to Maryland University the week before. The other kid, I would say he was about 6'4", committed to University of Florida to play football. My cousin, Nathan Garth, is a 6'3" point guard committed to University of Minnesota and will be a red-shirt freshman this season.

Anyway, they were going against a team of midgets from who-knows-where. They had really nice jerseys though. The new nba kind, you now the ones made with that wick-away Under Armor material, with their last names on the back. Real classy stuff. So the game starts and I'm thinking the game is going to be a blow out. WRONG!!! The midget men put on a clinic. Perfectly executed fast breaks, set plays with double screens and all that jazz, and just sheer tenacity on the defensive end. The midget men were up by twelve points at half time. The second half is a little different as Nathan wakes up and starts attacking. Too bad no one else on the team wakes up. To make a long story short, the midget men win the game by 12, and absolutely man-handle a team with two Division 1 basketball recruits, and a super-freak, high D-1 football player. I had to give it up to them, as they put on a clinic, and had a great time on the court.

As for the team of "superstars", they could care less that they lost. Now this absolutely pissed me off because I paid to get into the game, forked over what felt like my whole pay check to fill up my gas tank, and they gave a half-ass effort on the court. If they plan on taking the "turn-it-on" mentality with them to college, they're going to be spending a lot of time on the bench. Well, here are some youtube videos of Nathan (U. Of Minnesota) and Terrence Jennings (U. Of Maryland). Enjoy.

Nathan Garth

Terrence Jennings

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Scout's top 75 Players for 2009

Scout.com released its top 75 players for 2009, headed by Atlanta's Derrick Favors and Los Angeles' Renardo Sidney.
#1 Prospect Derrick Favors

James Harden alley-oop to #2 Prospect Renardo Sidney

#30 Prospect Reeves Nelson
Scout's 2009 Top 75

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Adidas Nations

Adidas changed up its summer routine with the Adidas Nations Tournament. Some highlights from around the web:

The most consistent player at the camp seemed to be 6-8 power forward Luke Babbitt, who is headed to Nevada next year. While certainly not the best prospect around as far as his NBA potential goes, Babbitt has already “figured it out” as a basketball player and is sure to have a great impact at the collegiate level for the Wolf Pack. -Jonathan Givony, Draft Express

The most productive player at the camp for the US 08’s was UCLA-bound shooting guard Jrue Holiday. Poised, smart, mature, smooth, effortless…are all adjectives that come to mind when watching him play. Showing a great body and a very versatile all-around game, Holiday was constantly around the ball making his impact felt when his team needed him most. His physical tools are very solid besides his strength, showing a nice first step, excellent body control, and the all-around polish to put it all together on a consistent basis. -Jonathan Givony, Draft Express

For the 2008 American team, Cali combo guard Jrue Holiday was on cruise control–and since he gives 100-percent effort every time out, that’s a good thing. The UCLA commit is strong as an ox, unselfish to a fault, gets to the rack and finishes at will and best of all, takes great pride in his D, which may be second to none among 08 guards. -Aggrey Sam, Slam

The headliner for the ‘09 USA team was scoring machine Lance Stephenson. The Brooklyn native is clearly his squad’s go-to guy and is just too strong and too skilled to be contained. If his handle doesn’t get him by defenders and his power doesn’t get him through them, then his J and creativity get the job done. On top of that, he’s shown better playmaking ability and D than I’ve seen from him in the past. -Aggrey Sam, Slam